Residential Building in Valencia, Rehabilitation of a building from 1930.

Housing rehabilitation is that constructive or edificatoria action taken to improve some of the following conditions: habitability of housing, structural and constructional safety, protection against the presence of water and moisture, its facilities, accessibility natural lighting, and the inside air circulation, the dimensions of the interior spaces among others. These actions can be performed both inside homes and in common areas of residential buildings.

In this case, we rebuilt an old building from 1930, five floors, to make ten luxury apartments in the center of the City of Valencia.




The client was Nagada Arquitectura, S.L., who bought the building and made the Project Restoration.


The Arquitects were Ignacio Docavo and Gema Casany, de Estudio de Arquitectura, in Valencia, Spain. 

The project was finished in 2003.


The budget of the projects was 2 million euros.