Palos de La Frontera, Cogeneration Facilities.

Cogeneration is the process by which electricity and useful thermal energy (steam, hot water) are simultaneously obtained.
If we also produce cold (ice, cold water, cold air, for example) is called trigeneration.
The advantage of cogeneration is the most energy efficient, since it uses both heat and mechanical or electrical energy of a single process, instead of using a conventional power plant and heat requirements for a conventional boiler.
Another advantage, and not small, is that produce electricity near the point of consumption, voltage changes are avoided and transport over long distances, which represent a significant loss of energy by Joule effect (it is estimated that this loss grids is between 25 and 30%).



The client was Bio-Oils Energy, S.L


The work carried out consisted of electrical installations reform cogeneration plant, and they where made in 2006.


The works our company made were up to 2 million euros.