SISTEMECS Naval Sector

In this sector, our company performed both electrical power installations, such as issues of control, automation and safety systems.

These studies were performed on cruise ships as SUPER FAST FERRY ISLANDS, SUPER FAST FERRY BALEARIA and cargo ships as the cement Indalo, which was amended and was implemented an automated control system for loading and unloading the boat .

These boats FAST FERRY, has undergone both control facilities, such as mounting a camera system with monitors, for the overall supervision and control of the entire ship.

In addition to these vessels, also collaborated providing qualified to install lighting DYKE MONACO built in dry dock of Algeciras, Cádiz and BRAZIL PLATFORM, built in Cadiz by our staff.

In the pictures attached, we show our works, as a picture of the command center that was renovated in the cement boat INDALO, a synoptic image that was designed to control the cement INDALO, the replacement of the power and control panels in one of the actions carried out in one of the ships, the reformed instrumentation of the cockpit, and the Construction of the Drydock MONACO of the Bay of Algeciras.

SISTEMECS Engineering and Assembly