Solar Facility in Santa Fé, Granada, Spain.
A solar farm, solar farm or solar field is a room or space in which small photovoltaic systems of different owners share infrastructure and services.
The difference between solar farm and solar park is in size and in its industrial or agricultural purpose. A solar park is a solar plant and refers to a large facility, more industrial composed of several solar plants that require centralized control room and high voltage transformers.
The solar farm refers to individual installations of small producers with the intention of producing small scale to sell energy to the grid. Solar garden has its origins in the agricultural character because it is made up of orchards, fields, vineyards and pastures or metaphorically because the sun is grown to produce more energy and other crop land.



A private enterprise.


The Solar Field has a capacity of 14 Mega Watts.

The Project consist in installing panels and adjustable swivel.The facilities are in Santa Fé, Granada, Spain.


The total of the work done were 5,5 million euros.